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Another Child Protective Services/FAIL

A Miracle for Two Sisters

abuse by cpsIt’s well established that children are being removed from their parents by CPS for everything from medical disputes to anonymous calls, many times with no evidence to back them up.  Here we have the anonymous call that finally made authorities take action on a teenager’s abusive living conditions known to Social Services for the past year.  Parent’s who have never done anything to harm or abuse their children in any way, yet have had them taken, and accused of abuse or neglect, can’t fathom how these stories can happen under the guise of “protecting” children.

An autistic teen was locked in a basement of her home with a temperature of 50 degrees when rescued.  The 13-year old girl was not allowed to sit on furniture or use the bathroom in the home, and was made to wear diapers.  Due to no access to a toilet or sink, she went to…

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