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Parents sue CPS over teen’s suicide


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The parents of a CPS teen who committed suicide this Spring are suing the district and school board and accuse them of not following it’s bullying prevention guidelines.

12-year-old McKenzie Philpot was a 6th grader at Peirce School of International Studies on Chicago’s North Side when she took her own life on May 8th of this year.

Messages McKenzie left on Facebook and Twitter point to bullying as the reason the 12 year-old no longer felt safe.

Bob Bingle of the Corboy and Demetrio Law Firm represents McKenzie’s parents and says the bullying went on for a year- and- a- half.

“A couple girls in particular, for instance, in a gym class, (would run) straight at her with a frozen water bottle and hitting her,” Bingle says. “There was incidents involving chasing her from the school yard and putting her face up against a fence.”

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