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Pentagon agency to spend $70m on brain implant research Devices are used in medical care 

“The testing of any such devices would involve both animals and human subjects, and Sanchez said DARPA had set up an ethics panel for the program and other DARPA neuroscience work. A presidential bioethics commission also oversees all aspects of the brain initiative.”The Obama administration is budgeting $100 million for the first year of the brain initiative. A committee of the health institutes produced a draft report in September that indicated that the agency would concentrate its $40 million share on systems or networks in the brain, not individual cells and not the whole brain.

DARPA is allocated $50 million this year under President Barack Obama’s brain initiative. The agency would not specify precisely how much it would spend in the first year, and all the numbers depend on the final federal budget.”


4 responses to “Pentagon agency to spend $70m on brain implant research Devices are used in medical care

  1. “DARPA’s project is partly inspired by the needs of combat veterans who suffer from mental and physical conditions, and is the first to directly invest in researching human illness as part of the brain initiative.”

  2. Unfortunate sons: CIA and DoD betrayal of their own
    Projects included involuntary human research subjects, failure to obtain informed consent

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