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  1. The information below is intended to convey the reality of the fact that, in both the US and Europe, criminal networks exist which provide access to children for the purposes of sexual exploitation and child pornography to elite clientele in the political and business worlds. These networks often target the most vulnerable populations of children, especially those in state institutions. Oftentimes, these networks are protected by security forces and the legal system because they are a valuable source of blackmail/intelligence, and because the revelation of their clients would be politically problematic. When they are exposed, the full story is almost never told. These sections are presented in no particular order.
  3. The Franklin Case
  4.  In the 1980s, banker/politcian Lawrence King used the Omaha, NB  Franklin Credit Union as a cover for many criminal activities, including child trafficking and pimping to elite clients in Washington DC. Children were prostituted at parties hosted by gay-pimp Republican lobbyist Craig Spence. The credit union failed due to King’s embezzlement and a NB State Senate investigation turned up massive evidence of large-scale child abuse, but the FBI shut down the investigation and two sham grand juries attacked the accusers. Several witnesses and an investigator were murdered or died mysteriously. Former CIA Director Bill Colby went on record stating the case had merit before dying in a “canoe accident”.
  6. 1 Hour Conspiracy of Silence documentary on the Franklin Case
  7. HIGHLIGHT: Fmr. CIA Director Bill Colby states allegations are true:
  9. Nebraska State Senator/Vietnam Vet John DeCamp’s book on the scandal. Decamp’s life has been threatened many times
  11. Interview with Troy Boner, a Franklin Abuse Victim. Boner and the interviewer, Gary Caradori, were both later murdered
  13. Troy Boner’s Affidavit
  15. Victim Paul Bonacci’s Testimonial Transcripts
  17. Caradori interview w/victim Alisha Owen. Owen was sentenced to 27 years for perjury because she would not withdraw her story of being abused
  19. Former FBI Senior Special AgentTed Gunderson on Franklin Abuse Case:
  21. Author Nick Bryant on the Franklin Cover-up (3:00min mark). Bryant clarifies how grand juries were controlled to cover-up the child abuse
  23. Nebraska Leadership Conference Report on Franklin Abuse Scandal
  25. Interview w/Rusty Nelson, blackmail photographer for Lawrence King
  28. The Finders case
  29. “The Finders” were a cult organization investigated in the late 1980s for child abuse and trafficking. A US Customs  Service report from that time states that the organization was trafficking and abusing many children but the investigation was shut down by CIA. If the Finders still exist, no information exists about their activities after the early 1990s.  
  33. Treasury Department Document on Finders Cult
  35. A 1987 local newspaper article discussing abuse of children and the discovery of weapons at a Finders camp in Wisconsin
  37. A contemporary US News report confirms the Customs Service investigation happened
  39. Interview with Finders leader Marion Pettie, in which he admits he has had connections with intelligence agencies dating back to the Office of Strategic Services in WWII
  41. The Dutroux/Fourniret Cases
  43. In the 1996, Belgian criminal Marc Dutroux was arrested for kidnapping several young girls, holding them for months and murdering them. Dutroux had previously been released from prison despite raping women and the police “missed” numerous, obvious opportunities to stop him while the girls were still alive. Dutroux and his surviving victims maintained in court that he was just a functionary for a network of criminals that provided children and child porn to businessmen and politicians across Europe. Multiple witnesses were murdered or “committed suicide”, judges resigned from the case citing fear for their lives, evidence was suppressed and the mismanagement of the case led to protests with hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of Brussels. The government still claims Dutroux was not part of any network
  45. History/Summary of the case [LONG]
  48. Dutroux and the Dead Witnesses: German Public TV documentary on the case
  50. Transcripts of witness/victim testimony in Dutroux case:
  52. Testimony of Regina Louf is important because it shows how the criminal ring worked on a practical level when interacting with clients
  54. Another Belgian serial killer, Michel Fourniret, was convicted in an almost identical case involving young girls kidnapped, sold into prostitution for elite clients, and murdered. In Fourniret’s case as well, multiple witnesses and investigators (including a police detective) were killed or intimidated, and police misconduct was rampant.
  56. History/Summary of the case [LONG, go to pg. 7 for critical info]
  58. UK Elite Pedophilia
  60. There is abundant evidence that pedophile rings are prevalent among the elite of British politics in both parties and have been for decades. The recent Jimmy Saville scandal is just the tip of the iceberg; the problem stretches far beyond Saville and the evidence is now so preponderant it is undeniable.
  62. Jimmy Saville is the Tip of the Iceberg [this is a blog but it contains solid citations, it explains how Saville was far more than a lone predator]
  64. MP Tom Watson confronts PM Cameron in Parliament with evidence of an elite pedophile ring at high levels
  66. MP Geoffery Dickens made similar claims in the 1980s that are now being vindicated
  68. British Orphanges have been used as sources of children to prostitute for decades on a massive scale
  71. Recording of interview w/former MP & London Mayor Ken Livingstone admiting Mi5 allowed boys to be abused in Kincora Boys Home so that they could film it to blackmail politicans
  73. Even former Prime Minister Ted Heath is implicated
  76. BBC leadership has suppressed information on elite pedophiles in Britain on more than one occasion
  79. UK courts protect pedophile judges
  81. Operation Flicker/Pentagon Pedos
  82. An investigation by ICE revealed that thousands of Defense Department computers and email addresses had been used to view or purchase child pornography, dozens of which were used by people with the highest-level security clearances. Only a few, low-ranking individuals were tried and convicted, and thousands of names were never investigated further, before the investigation was closed.
  84. (2:00 min mark CNN coverage)
  87. Dyncorp Case
  88. Dyncorp is one of the world’s largest defense contracting companies. It has been deeply involved in DOD and CIA operations in the Mideast and elsewhere for years, and its management is largely composed of former military and intelligence figures. Dyncorp and its employees have been implicated as pimps and customers of child prostitutes in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. In some states, Dyncorp is hired by Child Protective Services to take children from their parents.
  90. Rep. Cynthia McKinney questions Dyncorp employees about trafficking of women and children in Bosnia and elsewhere (CSPAN)
  92. Wikileaks cables reveal Dyncorp employees purchased child prostitutes in Afghanistan and the US State Department helped cover it up
  94. Miscellaneous Links on Elite Pedophilia
  96. A massive collection of well-sourced information on elite-protected-and-patronized pedophilia rings in the US and Europe
  99. Ferdinand Mitterrand, Fmr. French Cabinet Minister under Sarkozy and nephew of sex-scandal ridden French President Francois Mitterrand openly admits soliciting young boys for sex in Thailand
  102. First District Attorney to investigate Jerry Sandusky dissappeared without a trace in 2006
  104. Trial proves that hundreds of children were prostituted in Portuguese orphanges, to clients that included top media personalities, diplomats, and bureaucrats



    Greetz from SaturnTheGod ~ SaturnTheGod
    Twitter: @americaisgone
    Greets from Saturn

    [John “Johnny” David Gosch was kidnapped on September 5, 1982, at age 12, only two blocks from his West Des Moines, Iowa, home, while delivering newspapers for the Des Moines Register. Soon after, he was drugged, molested, photographed, sold, and prostituted. This was not a random kidnapping. Johnny was clearly targeted; in the weeks before the kidnapping, he was photographed near his home. The man who ordered his kidnapping, Col. Michael Aquino, has connections to the CIA (“Why Johnny Can’t Come Home”). The identities of many of the perpetrators are known, and there are several witnesses to these crimes, but no one has ever been brought to justice. Local and federal law enforcement refuse to investigate any leads. The FBI has only worked to cover-up any details surrounding the case from surfacing. 1]

    Moon Children: blood/human sacrifice to draw in most powerful/high level demons for implantation. See Aleister Crowley’s (1875 – 1947) writing of ‘Moonchild’, as a 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason; also OTO leader, Chief in Stella Matutina and MI-6 agent.

    in-utero trauma: thin needles inserted into womb to prick fetus
    -mother emotionally/mentally/psychologically assailed

    pre-mature birthing: baby has underdeveloped liver/kidneys making it difficult to purge specialized drugs for inducing labour.
    -baby isn’t strong enough to assist mother, therefore immense cardiac strain on mother results in straining baby.
    -‘breeders’ usually birth 2 – 3 ‘preemies’ before heart failure, therefore after birthing 2 -3 ‘preemies’, ‘breeder’ is switched to full-term babies used for sacrifice.

    Masonic hospitals acquire babies for experimentation by offering services to low-income earners and fabricate infant mortality or manipulate mother to relinquish baby while she’s heavily drugged.

    -preemies are HIGHLY dissociative due to being ultra-sensitive in myriad ways to the onslaught of the invasive environment; even a simple sheet can bruise them. The programmer offers hypnotic ‘cooing’ in the preemies dissociative state.
    -newborns are taught obediance by placing tape over their mouths and told repeatedly ‘no’ with index finger gesturing; approval is received for not crying.
    -@ 18 mnths the ‘love bombing’ ceases and the bay’s CAGED.
    -senses are then over-whelmed: smell – bay’s excrement, ammonia, rotting food
    sound – chanting, banging, rock music, electric hum, ultra-sonic stimulation
    orientation – child is spun, made to feel it’s going to fall, deprived of sleep, drugged, ECT, starved, cold, naked.
    -after 42 -72 hours of suffering, the trusted caregiver of the last 18 mnths is re-introduced only to show his/her most vicious nature (brutal rape is common)
    -the mind is split, the core is severed, and that which the Creator provided is now buried deep and barriered with as many splits as desired/required so that the light of their spirit appears snuffed out forever.
    -now the victim will enact the drama throughout their life of not wanting anyone/thing to compromise the purity of their core that’s been unnurtured most their life; hence the immense difficulty in receiving let alone wanting or seeking deprogramming therapy.

    1982 – the Cremation of Care – directed by Rod McManigal
    – child sacrifice ritual @ Bohemian Grove
    – snuff film made of it.

    Cutting tongues with salt (no talking), forced purging, dislocating shoulders, cause dissociation.
    Baron Gut de Rothschild of France is a major handler/programmer.
    Scarring with a multi-needle device is used to make, say, the Goat’s head of Mendes “appear magically” via hypnotic suggestion.
    The standard /primary method of anchoring programming/severing the core is incest.
    When Mayer Amschel Rothschild (orig. named Bauer) was dying, he ordered his sons to protect the House of Rothschild through incest.
    Autistic children likely mind-control ‘duds’ with acute sensory perception (intelligence) that have withdrawn in-utero from the trauma; MS is also a side effect of brain-stem scarring, perhaps from attempts successes at harvesting stem cells.
    Rothschild’s prefer ancient Canaanite mystery rituals and use Akkadian-Hitiite-Canaanite-Babylonian rituals.
    Collins-Sinclairs-type Illuminati Bloodlines prefer Druid rituals.

    Kicked off ass Project Bluebird/Artichoke/Paperlip, became ULTRA, NAOMI, and then Project SEARCH which became Project STARGATE which dealt with ESP/paranormal/remote viewing/ telekinesis/pyrokinesis/dolphin communication, etc.

    Some ULTRA survivors claim 149 sub-projects, others claiming over 250!

    Eli Lilly main supllier of LSD to CIA ULTRA projects.

    Before the Jonestown massacre, the site was a Project SHOLOM (sp?), CIA Guerilla Training (mind-control) site

    Monarch slave programming entails conatant electro-shock; stun-guns, cattle prods, and ‘magical’ staffs concealing stunners.
    – creates dissociation, wipes memory after ‘mission’, instills fear and obediance.
    – Electro-shock marks often appear on feet, back, buttock or legs.
    – usual minimum voltage is 10,000 V; maximum is 200,000 V.
    – shocks to base of skull imbeds instructions deep in subconscious.
    – daily use of slave = daily shocking

    Electro-shock devices:

    – cylyndrical cattle-prod; used externally/INTERNALLY.
    – 3/4″ between contact points
    – made by Hot Shot Products, Inc., Savage, MN
    – red or black rubber handle; 12″ in length
    – 10,000 to 20,000 V; buttock bruising – black/blue spots 1 1/2″ diameter

    Wand-type prod; 2 3/4″ between contact points.
    – 2 ft 6 in. in length, unwieldly to handle; 12,000 to 20,000 V
    – various farm supply companies/livestock equipment
    – rechargeable battery pack

    Stun-gun for ‘law enforcement’
    – 9V battery; exactly 2″ between contact points
    – device regarded for ability to drop victim, unduce hypnosis, ar ‘setting in’ hypnotic program
    – 35,000 to 120,000 V; 12 oz. (lightweight) and 7″X2″X1″ (compact)
    – leaves deep, red-dot scars and cancerous moles
    – victim develops moles from repeated use.
    – muscled areas of victim preferred; just below shoulder-blade

    Farral Instrument Co., of Grand Island, NE
    – cattle-prod with adjustable voltage control
    – long-distance wireless shocker actually called ‘Personal Shocker’, can shoot a shock up to 300 yards
    – hand-held control box; receiver is a leather case.
    – 9 to 800 V, current is 5 milliamperes; lasts 1 -2 milliseconds.

    Electronic firm in Tujunga, CA makes a shock-box used in programming.
    Electronic bark collars, gemmed or leather used on females during beastiality ****

    .. amnesic barrier.

    Electro-shock combined with myriad drugs also tie PAIN into the memory.

    When one is undergoing ‘recall’, the first sensations are BODY PAINS; headache, stomach, cramps, nightmares. Exploratory surgery was performed in the ULTRA days to try and cease somatic symptoms to absolutely no avail, therefore merely compounding the physiological trauma.

    Double-binding: Kill or be killed; choose which child will die.

    Psychic driving: Ewen Cameron – age regression (infantilism); tape looping,
    message played 1 million X
    – abandonment/guilt complex/sexual
    perversion aversion
    – 3-4 days without sleep with message looping

    Project Artichoke: The Big “A”; elite interrogation team

    “Umbrella Folder”: MK ULTRA – MK = Mind Kontrol, Kontrol is the German spelling
    Artichoke – amnesia/polygraph
    Ultra – ‘sensitive’ research; Richard Helmes was Dep. Dir. of
    the CIA’s ‘sexual’ projects. Supported by Bush;
    Helmes convicted of lying to his Nation.
    Search – germ warfare/radiation
    Naomi – targeted U.S. neighbourhoods with MASSIVE doses
    of radiation in New Orleans
    Often – P.O.W. interrogation
    Chatter – drugs for truth-telling
    Secret – brain studies of some kind
    Sub-project 3 – ‘safehouses’ for programming

    James Hamilton – CIA consultant on sexual projects ‘studying’ sexual deviancy
    Phyllis Greenacre – Cornell – sexual analyzer
    sexual entrapment/blackmail – trained @ Deep Creek Lodge/Cabins on island in
    – filmed non-violent ****
    – guarantee continued funding for ‘black’ projects
    – keep experimenters from divulging in future

    Dr. Brown – National Institute of Health (NIH)
    Morris Allan – head of Office of Research & Development (ORD) – radiation
    Richard Helmes – Science & Technology (radiation)
    Martin Orne – Lie detector; head of Dept. of Science & Technology
    Sidney Gottlieb – Homosexual pedophile; head of MKULTRA; John Gittinger was
    Sid’s protoge
    Dr. Robert Heath – wireless thought messaging/neuropsychiatrist/Dept. head
    Mr. Fenner – chairman of board @ Tulane University
    Steven Aldrich – Dir. of ORD; brain electrode – remote control
    Ewen Cameron – Pres. of Can./U.S./WORLD psychiatric association
    – age regression (infantilism)/psychic driving (tape looping a
    message 1 million X)
    – electroshock consultant to the CIA
    – stationed @ Allan Memorial Hospital in Montreal
    ORD took over ULTRA; much, much more sophisticated
    expendable children brought from South America/Mexico
    spinning/drugging; sense of disappearing into nothing – shrinking into a black
    Generational ‘demons’ are ‘recalled’ from inherited genetic imprintation of trauma @ cellular level.

    John Gittinger – I.Q./memory/personality (PAS); rapid induction for
    Loretta Bender – administered methylated form of a largely studied drug with an unusual makeshift label
    John Foster Dulles close with Ewen Cameron
    Alan Dulles – 1953 speech @ Princeton – Brain warfare VS. Soviets – U.S.
    George Estabrooks – 1920’s – Harvard: if can cure MPD, then create for super
    spy/assassin/mental courier
    – stopped publishing due to TOP SECRET military
    Morris Allan – 1954 – January Artichoke memo: trigger mechanism to
    assassinate foreign OR U.S. politician
    1954 – Manchurian Candidate scenario conceived AND operational

    Nuremburg Application to covert activity SUSPENDED

    1960’s – operational utilization – freestanding population – cults provide case
    – Satanism: intergenerational widespread multinational ‘network’ of
    ritual abuse

    FBI once denied the existence of the Mafia

    Intelligence, military, political, ‘religious’ and criminally satiated hegemony.

    Masonic lodges, white supremacy clan meetings, human sacrifices; for
    mind-control victims these things mean more trauma, ‘splitting’, amnesic barriers, ludicrous memories (if recalled), risk coming forward, suicidal

    Satanism is trying to cure TRUE spirituality.

    Large sector of the population of Woodland Hills, CA, is under mind-control.

    Michael Kennedy AND Sonny Bono skiied directly into trees; close to achieving ‘recall’ so suicide programming kicked in.

    harmonics equipment – EEG bio-feedback – EEG Spectrum (manufacturer: 800-789-3456)
    – brainwave monitoring; most MK
    victims in constant THETA;
    therapy facilitates BETA
    – helps by-pass painful body
    – rewarding stimulation of central
    nervous system
    – children with ADHD able to forgoe

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