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Holographic Mind Programming (from :

“Are You Under the Influence of a Programmed Mind Control Spell?
False flags are thought simulations, the ability to create a new mass thought pattern out of nothing. thus the state funds mind control research and does false flags on a regular basis. Faking is so prevalent now that the question is whether anything political is real. Television is a giant bullshitting device being used to control the mass mind.
Why are human beings so susceptible to mind programming and external influence? Science says the brain stores information holographically. It is simple to examine if you are under the spell, examine your personal beliefs, what things to you believe that have no physical proof? What beliefs do you cherish that also match the will of the state? Are your thoughts parallel to the propaganda being spewed from the MSM liars? Do you wish for ‘free’ money the state provides? What internal belief allows you to accept free gifts of the state? How did the state get money to give to you when they produce no wealth? Why do you believe in the state sugar daddy?
Do you believe in unprovable religious, political or scientific ideas?
That might be an indicator that you are under mind control.”

“Part 2 of this essay is a 50 question quiz that I have prepared. Do you think you own your mind? Think again, my quiz will prove to you that all of us are under mind control. Even dedicated conspiracy theorists and avid readers of Veterans Today will struggle to get a passing score.


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