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“Anyone who nonconsensually violates your brain/mind/mentation using Mengele-like methods is a Nazi pig. You do not care what a Nazi pig thinks. You do not care about a Nazi pig’s opinions. You do not respond to a Nazi pig ridiculing you, threatening you, trying to distract you, or otherwise trying to manipulate you. You work to get a Nazi pig hanged.”
“A government which does not act in accordance with the law forfeits the right to be called a government and cannot expect its people to obey the law.”-Sir Robert Ker Thompson,
Defeating Communist Insurgency: Experiences from Malaya and Vietnam(1966)
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Holograms , Electronic Harassment & Warfare (link above)
the BIG QUESTION on MY mind : WAS Capt. Richard’s “episode”
REAL (of COURSE it was *real* he got it all on camera!) but, was it a product of some sort of computer program, sent to harass & stalk & terrorize him & his friends/family/neighborhood … WAS IT A HOLOGRAM ????????????????????????????????????????????????

“Holograms , Electronic Harassment & Warfare!

[USAF Gen. John Jumper]. “Jumper talked about tools that could…make potential enemies see, hear and believe things that don’t exist”.
Microwave Mind Control Symptoms & Published Evidence “

US Air warships remind ticos that their comforts are a rare luxury in a world at war.

Joint Advanced Special Operations Radio System

Satellite surveillance, mind rape and electronic harassment by Google

some of these links are broken but, gives me a clue what to search box when I get clueless again later on the same as this use what’s listed with the dead links as search terms
julianne mckinney microwave harassment
julianne mckinney mind control
This is the only known interview by Julianne McKinney, a former US army intelligence officer on Electronic Harassment, Microwave weaponry on civilians and GANGSTALKING.
She became a member of the Association of National Security Alumni, an organization of former intelligence officers dedicated to exposing excesses by the US intelligence services.1) Which organizations are responsible?It´s difficult to pinpoint everything at this stage on the US government exclusively. The pattern and protocols of surveillance and harassment are virtually identical on a global scale, so someone is overseeing the entire activity. The US government is obviously complicit because otherwise these operations wouldn’t be allowed to exist. Why, it´s hard to say. Whether it´s just for testing electronic weapons systems for future use under battle conditions or whether later there´s a holocaust in the offing, it´s hard to say.2) How is targeting accomplished?In order to target someone, it requires that that person be put under surveillance to establish their personality traits and their capacity to interrelate with people, their capacity for corruption or non-corruption and even their religion factors into it. They are singled out for preliminary stages of harassment which would include gang stalking, entry into their private homes or apartment followed by gradually intensified and ultimately extremely intensified electronic harassment. This is the pattern that has unfolded over, and over, and over.

3) What are the criteria for selecting a target?

Quite a number of the women who are singled out appear to be too independent, perhaps too intelligent. They tend to live alone and pursue professional careers. There´s a heavy predominance of these types of women in the TI community. Men are in a smaller proportion and seem to be those who have a propensity to fly off the handle. They have a sense of self-esteem and pride that seems to invite targeting. There is a curious predominance of a certain lack of religion amongst TIs, as opposed to a certain predominance of a particular religion amongst the perpetrators.

What about numbers of targets?

4) The persons that have realized what´s going on are just a drop in the bucket. The persons that she has seen being targeted are completely unaware of what´s going on so the persons complaining of it are just the tip of the iceberg. So she believes this is very, very widespread but she can´t under the circumstances come up with any figures.

What happens with the information gathered on a target?

5) It appears that the perpetrators don’t do anything with the information gathered on a target once they get it, apart from to establish a harassment protocol which will follow that targeted individual for the rest of his or her life.

Why do they do it?

6) Part of the objective is obviously to test the latest and greatest of electronic weaponry, and other forms of technologies. A part of it is to control and choreograph those who are involved in these harassment operations on the dispensing end. And it would appear that those being targeted are simply objects, who she sees as ultimately being disposable. In other words, she thinks that once full control is established over a major percentage of the population, and enough of the population is silenced and unwilling to stick their necks out, we would inevitably be heading towards a HOLOCAUST.

7) What means to they use to lock into the target in his or her own home?

In order to target a person in their own home, they first of all need to be able to see that person. There are plenty of technologies available that allow for the imaging of a person who might be sitting in a chair for example. Using infrared imagery techniques for example, they can capture your image by monitoring the concentration of heat emanating from your body. Using certain acoustical frequencies, they can detect mass. And using sophisticated computer software, they can convert those images to likenesses on computers, which conceivably could be used in a software program that would be connected to an electronic weapon´s system. Devices draw on the existing electrical grid, and do involve microwave towers. Devices are used which are fixed to poles that are connecting to power lines. These weapon systems are used by neighbours surrounding persons who have been singled out as targets of opportunity.

What can targets do to protect themselves?

It´s very difficult to advise targeted individuals on how to acquire peace. All of the frequencies can somehow be blocked or deflected. The pain can be ameliorated if not halted altogether. Writing to congress or state legislators might not be a better alternative because you will be treated as something worthy of the circular basket. They just won´t intervene. Writing to the various agencies won´t help either because they will say there are no laws prohibiting these types of activities. Try to protect yourself to alleviate the pain you´re experiencing. Keep your faculties together and don´t go to psychiatrists, physiologists or doctors because many of them are involved.

9) What is the involvement of religious groups?

Perpetrators appear to belong predominantly to one particular religion, whereas targeted individuals do not belong predominantly to that particular religion. She is not prepared to name the religious group. There is a religious influence but that´s is not to say that these people aren’t being used as puppets by some broader interest.

10) Does moving help?

No, every community everywhere is wired up to the network and the protocol follows the target wherever he or she may choose to go. No TI should look for a reason as to why this is going on. It´s a serious, serious mistake. It´s a natural tendency that should be avoided. She did that herself when they started on her and over the years she came up with six different possibilities.



“Project MKCHICKWIT, or CHICKWIT was a covert Department of Defense program developed in conjunction with the CIA. A partner program to MKSEARCH, the … “

“MK-CHICKWIT was designed to “identify new drug developments in Europe and Asia,” and then “obtain samples.”
“MK-OFTEN, started as a study on dopamine. But the scope was soon expanded to evaluate ibogaine, a hallucinogen, and then several more drugs, in hopes of creating “new pharmacologically active drugs affecting the central nervous system [to] modify men’s behavior.”

Hemet Police Face Terrorist Stalking & GangStalking


“The 17-page document (.pdf), “Experimentation Programs conducted by the Department of Defense That Had CIA Sponsorship or Participation and That Involved the Administration to Human Subjects of Drugs Intended for Mind-Control or Behavior-Modification Purposes,” was prepared in 1977 by the General Counsel of the Department of Defense and released on May 6 after a Freedom of Information Act request.”

from :

Derren Brown – The Experiments: The Assassin (Full)
MK NAOMI would prove to be the program developed by the federal Government to develop the AIDS virus.
“MK-NAOMI was after “severely incapacitating and lethal materials … [and] gadgetry for their dissemination,…”
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  • Similar

MKNAOMI was the code name for a joint Department of Defense/CIA research program lasting from the 1950s through the 1970s. Unclassified information about … “

“NAOMI = Negroes Are Only Momentary Individuals”

The actual documents are shown as they were printed.
Page 1 – Proposal for stimulus response experiments on biological systems

Memo, Destruction of drug and toxin related files
“When the CIA shut down all of its chemical and psychological warfare projects, code-named MKULTRA, it destroyed most of the records of the psychological tests. Congressional hearings were held in 1975 on the projects, but didn’t result in much information. A journalist made a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in 1977 for information about MKULTRA. Some boxes holding MKULTRA files that were not destroyed by the CIA were found. These boxes, overlooked during the original Congressional inquiry, became central to new hearings in 1977. The files detailed information on 149 MKULTRA projects, including projects in which the CIA dosed unknowing participants with LSD and used electro-shock therapy.”

surviving MK-Ultra Project files…2203.2203.1.3406.…0.0…1c.2.12.hp.2abpP_kTa9c&psj=1&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.46340616,d.eWU&fp=1d43918081559e6e&biw=1232&bih=826
Page 3 – Destruction of MK-Ultra Project files

Covert testing of materials on unwitting subjects

Senate MKULTRA Hearing: Appendix A–Testing And Use Of

Research and development programs to find materials which could be used to alter … The research and development program, and particularly the covert testing ….. administration of LSD to unwitting nonvolunteer subjects “at all social levels, …

Page 5 – Human testing issues, U.S. citizens and foreign nationals

Covert Action Operations, chemicals and biologicals…158078.161797.0.162797.…0.0…

Page 7 – Inspector General & Agency controls over MK-Ultra Projects

MK-NAOMI, destruction of toxin records, etc.…74406.74406.0.74922.…0.0…

Page 9 – Explanation of exemptions

Behavioural control with chemical, biological and radiological materials

Behavior Modification and Mind Control in the News

Page 11 – Scope of MK-Ultra, testing on animals and humans

Page 12 – Technical Services Division, biochemicals in covert operations

Page 13 – Administration, Legalities, Disclosure, Exemptions from audits

Page 14 – Administration, Inspector General, biochemical behavioural controls

Page 15 – Human behavioural control; radiation, electroshock, graphics

Page 16 – Record keeping; disabling and lethal substances.

Page 17 – Record keeping, capabilities and limitations of operational substances

Page 18 – Materials-behavioural and physiological changes in humans

Page 19 – Mk-Ultra specialists, management design & funding

Page 20 – Future evolution of the system, pharmaceutical products, links

Page 21 – Testing, development, environmental testing on unwitting subjects.

Page 22 – Working relationships with the Bureau of Narcotics for testing.

Page 23 – Contingent effects of covert testing, economic loss, sickness, etc.

Page 24 – Risk of physicians making correct diagnosis of covert testing.

Page 25 – Covert testing of substances and devices on unwitting subjects.

Page 26 – Risk of future release of information by unwitting test subjects.

Page 27 – Current estimates of Mk-Ultra capabilities.

Page 28 – Harassment and disabling materials, Mk-Delta.

Page 29 – Logistics of covert testing

Page 30 – Mk-Delta organization, field testing, interrogations.

Page 31 – Espionage operations, foreign developments in the field.

Page 32 – Recognition and countering of hostile intelligence activities. Human behavioural controls.

Page 33 – Basic research, procurement, testing, development of delivery systems.

Page 34 – Administration, filing, and record keeping issues.

Page 35 – Salaries, overhead, fees, related issues.

Page 36 – Administrative organization, research and development plans.

Page 37 – Administrative organization, research and development plans.

Page 38 – Section cover sheet, blank, Tab A.

Page 39 – Sensitive research areas: covert biological and chemical warfare.

Page 40 – Section cover sheet (blank)

Page 41 – Percentage limits on invoices, certification, etc.

Page 42 – Chemical materials causing reversible, non-toxic aberrant mental states. Potential for discrediting individuals, eliciting information, implanting suggestions, etc.

Page 43 – Percentage limits on invoices, certification, etc.

Page 44 – Organization, technical control of projects, etc

Page 45 – Progress reports.

Page 46 – Section cover sheet (blank)

Page 47 – Administration, Director’s Office, Percentage limits on invoices (CIA document)

Page 48 – Certification of Invoices.

Page 49 – Administrative organization of subprojects

Page 50 – Research memoranda, Progress reports.

Page 51 – Certification of Invoices.
Page 52 – Hypnotic Experimentation Research

Page 53 – Hypnotic Experimentation Research:

Page 54 – Working committees, Administrative Plans, Field Demonstrations.

Page 55 – University Psychology Department, letter.

Page 56 – Report, letter.

Page 57 – University expenditures

Page 58 – Subprojects 5, 25, 29,and 49

Page 59 – Subprojects 5, 25, 29,and 49; equipment purchases

Page 60 – University psychology department memo.

Page 61 – Subproject 5, invoice

Page 62 – Subproject 5, invoice (continued)

Page 63 – Subproject 5, invoice (continued)

Page 64 – Transfer of research project to new University

Page 65 – Correspondence-University Psychology Department

Page 66 – Correspondce-University Psychology Department (continued)

Page 67 – University Expense Sheet

Page 68 – University Expense Sheet – Receipt

Page 69 – Check Receipt

Page 70 – Receipt Certification

Page 71 – Receipt – Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

Page 72 – Receipt – Mk-Ultra Subproject 5 (continued)

Page 73 – Invoice – Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

Page 74 – Invoice – Mk-Ultra Subproject 5 (continued)

Page 75 – Certification – Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

Page 76 – Finance Document – Mk-Ultra Subproject 5
Page 77 – Authorization & Time Schedule -Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

Page 78 – Mk-Ultra Hypnosis – 100 Subjects, 6 experiments

Page 79 – Recall of hypnotically acquired information by signal

Page 80 – Expense Report – Mk-Ultra Subproject 5

Page 81 – Expense Report – Mk-Ultra Subproject 5 (continued)

Page 82 – Covert Security Clearance authorization

Page 83 – Hypnotic experiment – technical details

Page 84 – Hypnotic experiment – technical details (continued)

Page 85 – Hypnotic experiment – technical details (continued)

Page 86 – Hypnotic experiment – technical details (continued)

Page 87 – Handwritten notes on experiments

Page 88 – Handwritten notes on experiments (continued)

Page 89 – Handwritten notes on experiments (continued)

Page 90 – Handwritten notes on experiments (continued)

Page 91 – Handwritten notes on experiments (continued)

Page 92 – Hand drawn room diagram, non-hypnotic recall

Page 93 – List, Hypnotic recall

Page 94 – Handwritten notes, Hypnotic recall

Page 95 – Handwritten notes

Page 96 – Hand drawn room diagram

Page 97 – Photo of experimental hotel room

Page 98 – Photo of experimental hotel room (continued)

Page 99 – Photo of experimental hotel room (continued)

Page 100 – Photo of experimental hotel room (continued)

Page 101 – Expense Sheet
 Pages 102-200:

Pages 201-309:


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