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A combination photo shows Aaron Alexis, whom the FBI believe to be responsible for the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard in the Southeast area of Washington, D.C., on Monday. 




One response to “d.c. navy yard shooter / D.C. Sniper: 23 Days of Fear [Full movie] connection ?

  1. Aaron Alexis, HAARP Mind Control? Gangstalking? Paranoid Schizophrenia?

    Published on Sep 19, 2013
    I found some disturbing links this morning to HAARP in the Washington Naval Yard Shooting. The shotgun message gave me chills…

    The Police Report of Alexis Hearing Voices;

    ELF Can Cause Variety Of Emotional Symptoms, “ELF magnetic waves can affect brain waves … ELF rotating magnetic fields have a very marked effect on the brain.” ” Pulse modulated microwaves (as used for mobile phones) can, when modulated with ELF, mimic specific brain patterns that change the behaviour of the victim at the flick of a switch.”;

    Shotgun Messages;

    More ELF Info;

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